Melrose Abbey

The Scottish Borders is a rural area with no cities or motorways – just lots of lovely small towns and countryside! Our towns and villages have a strong sense of community, and many people working at local level to make this a great place to live.

From region-wide bodies such as Scottish Borders Council and NHS Borders, to community councils, business and voluntary groups, there’s plenty of support for people who want to make things happen.

If you’d like to pass on news from your community council, group, organisation or project in the Melrose and surrounding area, contact Melrose Living and let us know!

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Charities & Voluntary Work

Every month on Melrose Living , we will feature a charity and highlight the good work they are doing with people in the community. If you would like to nominate your charity to be considered for a future 'Featured Charity for the Month' then get in touch with the team at Melrose Living. Read More

Community Councils

The area covered by Melrose Living has several community councils made up of representatives from each district. Community Councils consult residents about local issues and make sure their views are passed on to organisations in the public sector, including Scottish Borders Council and NHS Borders. Read More

Drama & Dance Groups

Many of us like to perform, some to audiences others for the sheer enjoyment of it. If you would like to get involved then there are a number of different dance and drama groups in the Scottish Borders. Read More

Local Groups

Whatever your interests, there’s something for everyone in the Scottish Borders. If you’re enjoy sports, head for the sports section and find out about rugby, fishing, mountain biking and lots more. Into arts and culture? Look into our local cinemas, theatres, museums and galleries. You’ll also find voluntary groups and religious and spiritual communities, as well as many musical and hobby groups. Read More

Music & Operatic Groups

Many of us like to perform, some to audiences others for the sheer enjoyment of it. If you would like to get involved then there are a number of different music and operatic groups in the Scottish Borders. Read More


NHS Borders is one of the 14 regions of NHS Scotland, and provides healthcare services in the Scottish Borders area. The main hospital is Borders General Hospital, near Melrose. There are also small community hospitals in Hawick, Peebles, Kelso and Duns, as well as local health centres. Read More

Police Scotland

The Scottish Borders is served by Police Scotland, which covers the length and breadth of Scotland. As well as crime prevention, the local police’s part in Borders life also includes assisting with big community events, such as Rugby Sevens and local festival ride outs. Read More

Religion & Spiritual

The Scottish Borders is home to people and communities with diverse religious and spiritual outlooks, including Protestant and Roman Catholic churches, the Samye Ling Buddhist centre in Eskdalemuir, and the Beshara Institute at Chisholme House, south of Hawick. Read More

Scottish Borders Council

The Melrose Living area is served by Scottish Borders Council, which can be contacted directly either by calling 0300 100 1800, or by visiting Council Headquarters in nearby Newtown St. Boswells. Read More

Support Organisations

Often we don’t notice support organisations until we or a friend or family member need help. Thankfully, there are lots of specialist organisations in the Scottish Borders who provide help to adults and children in need or crisis. Read More

Surrounding Villages

Melrose and its surrounding towns and villages are in the heart of the Scottish Borders. They are full of country charm, yet easy access to modern amenities, including NHS Borders and big-name high street shopping in Galashiels. Read More

Yoga & Health Groups

Keeping fit and staying flexible are key to a healthy lifestyle. There are some excellent yoga, Pilates and health groups in Melrose and the surrounding villages and towns. All of these groups welcome new members and will help you get settled into the exercises and activities. Whatever your age it is never to late to take up something that could benefit your life. Read More